Valér Mbila

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Hello, my name is Valér Mbila. I was born in Slovakia, but I have lived in the Czech Republic since I was 7 years old. My ethnic origin is from my father from Congo. I have been drawn to acting since I was a kid, even though I didn’t study it. I studied toolmaking, my inspiration from a young age was my grandfather. After my studies, I returned to acting and tried to educate myself in it. The actress Katka Janečková and her workshops helped me the most. My biggest success is one of the main roles in the series Chlap and a couple of episodic roles. I am a young energetic man who is always trying to educate himself. I love challenges where I can overcome myself and improve my skills. So I will be happy for any acting challenge in which I can push myself further. Acting is something I do from the bottom of my heart and I would like to show what is in me.