Zuzana Holbeinová

  • Actor/Actress
  • Dancer
  • Musical actor/actress
  • Singer
  • Stunt
  • Flute
  • Piano
  • skiing
  • snowboarding
  • Czech
  • English
  • German
I'm an acting student
  • JAMU
Completed acting education
  • Jaroslav Ježek Conservatory

Since childhood, Zuzana wanted to be an actress. That’s why she took acting, dancing, and singing lessons as a child. She studied at the Jaroslav Jezek Conservatory and theatre science at Charles University. She is currently pursuing a doctorate at the JAMU. After graduating from the conservatory, she acted in musicals in supporting, company, and leading roles. However, she also worked as an assistant director or choreographer. She began performing at the Municipal Theatre Brno where she does dramas and musicals. She has appeared in Modry Kod, Všechny Moje Lasky, and music videos for Czech bands. She considers her biggest success to date her successful audition in London for Disneyland Paris, where she was to portray popular Disney princesses in musical shows (e.g. Anna from Frozen).