Philipp Kaspar Schenker

  • Actor/Actress
  • Host
  • Singer
  • Stand-up comedian
  • Czech
  • English
  • Dutch
  • German

Native German speaking actor living in Prague – fluent speaker of English and Czech. Most roles for film, TV and theatre are in German or with a German accent. I also do voice-overs for audio-guides, documentaries and similar projects. – Czech Films: Brothers, Atlas of Birds, Country in the Shadows, Charlatan, Golden sting, Glass Room, Milada, Protector etc. – Foreign Films: All quiet on the Western Front, Terezín, Decision Game, Borg vs McEnroe etc. – Czech TV Series: That will be explained, comrades… , Octopus, Crime scene Czech Budweis, Roubal, Volha, Suspicion, Rapl etc. – Foreign Series: Hunters 2, Bonn, ZERV, Charité 3, Ein Sommer an der Moldau, Das Boot 2, Spy City, Beethoven, World on Fire, Ottilie von Faber-Castell, Brecht, The Wall, Der Zürich-Krimi, Tannbach, Landgericht, Luther in Worms, Crossing Lines etc.