Alexandra Vostrejžová

  • Actor/Actress
  • Dancer
  • Dubbing artist
  • Musical actor/actress
  • Radio and audio works
  • Singer
  • climbing
  • Piano
  • rollerskating
  • skiing
  • Czech
  • English
Completed acting education
  • JAMU

Alexandra Vostrejžová was born in 1999. She has done water sports and been an active musician since childhood. She studied Solo Singing at Brno Conservatory and d hcontinueer studies in Musical Acting at Janáček Academy of Performing Arts.

She has experience in theatre and film acting. She currently lives in Prague, performs in the musical ensemble of Josef Kajetán Tyl Theatre in Pilsen and is a guest in the drama ensemble of South Bohemian Theatre in České Budějovice.

She played the lead role in the film #annaismissing (2023) directed by Pavel Soukup.